Abortion Procedures

If you have had a positive pregnancy test, having an ultrasound is the next step you will want to take. Ultrasounds use sound waves to provide information about your pregnancy, such as how far along you are, whether or not your pregnancy is viable, and the location of your pregnancy. This information may determine what options are available to you.

How Far Along Is My Pregnancy?

If you aren’t sure how long you’ve been pregnant, a FREE ultrasound at First Choice Pregnancy Services can be provided to accurately date your pregnancy. Even if you’re considering abortion, you’ll still want to have an ultrasound to determine how far along you are. This information will tell you what options are available to you at this stage of your pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg has implanted itself outside of the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are not considered viable and can be life-threatening. An ultrasound can determine where your pregnancy is located and if your pregnancy is safe. If the ultrasound shows that the fertilized egg is outside the uterus, you will need to seek emergency medical attention.

What About Miscarriage?

If you’re considering abortion, you may not need one. Statistics show that 10-20% of early known pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. An ultrasound can help determine if your pregnancy is viable or at risk for a miscarriage. If you are having a miscarriage, our staff are trained to help you understand what is happening and to make referrals as appropriate. We’ll even make sure you have transportation to your next appointment if you need it. Make an appointment today!

FREE Ultrasounds

FREE ultrasounds are available to clients who have a positive pregnancy test at First Choice Pregnancy Services. Our nurse is trained in “Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound.” Limited simply refers to the questions our nurse seeks to answer when she performs the ultrasound and what she’s qualified to share with you. The questions you will have answered with your limited obstetrical ultrasound are:

Approximate age of the baby
Is there a heartbeat?
Is the fertilized egg in the uterus?

Make an Appointment for a free pregnancy test and if the result is positive our staff can schedule a free ultrasound appointment for you.

Our Ultrasound program is made possible in part by grant funding from the Minnesota Department of Health, through the Positive Alternatives Act.