Fatherhood is very rewarding, but also challenging, especially as a new dad. Our Daddy Bootcamp program is designed as an educational workshop for new dads! It’s run by veteran fathers who have made it through the first years of parenthood and resurfaced as confident, on-the-job fathers. 

In this bootcamp, fathers learn how to take care of a baby and about issues that they didn’t know were important. In this men-only environment, no question is stupid and no topic is off-limits. This entire workshop is free of charge!

Dads and dads-to-be will discuss:

•Changes in new mom
•Handling a newborn
•Finding work/home balance
•Introducing pets to baby
•Safety issues
•Working and being a dad
•Your relationship with mom
•Feeding and changing
•How to calm crying baby
•Handling parents and in-laws
•And anything else on your mind!

For more information about Daddy Boot Camp, or to register for this year’s bootcamp, please contact us at First Choice Pregnancy Services in New Ulm, MN at (507)359-9800. The workshop is offered ​free of charge​ with ​pre-registration required​.