Do you regret taking the abortion pill? It may not be too late for you as you may still be able to reverse it. At First Choice Pregnancy, we provide abortion pill reversal to any woman who wants to reverse her abortion and has only taken the first pill of the set of abortion pills. The sooner the abortion pill is reversed, the more likely the baby can be saved. You’re not alone.

Contact the Abortion Pill Rescue Network at 877-558-0333 to find a provider near you and get started right away. Then, give us a call at 507-359-9800.

How Does Abortion Pill Reversal Work?

The abortion pill reversal process only works for women who have ONLY taken the first pill (Mifepristone) of the two abortion pills. Unfortunately, if you’ve taken the second pill, the abortion cannot be reversed.

The hormone progesterone is prescribed to reverse the effects of the first pill, as Mifepristone works to block the progesterone hormone. Extra doses of the hormone are used to reverse its effect.

Is Abortion Reversal Safe?

Yes! The abortion pill reversal regimen is a safe and studied method, with almost a 70% success rate. The progesterone hormone used in the process is naturally occurring in pregnancy and has supplemented pregnancies now for over 50 years, according to the American Pregnancy Association. The progesterone hormone used has no known undesired effects.

Healthy Outcomes

The protocol used in the Abortion Pill Reversal process is nothing new. In fact, progesterone has been used routinely and safely with pregnancy since the 1950s.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

A 2018 peer-reviewed study showed positive results, revealing…

  • 64%-68% of the pregnancies were saved through Abortion Pill Reversal
  • There was no increase in birth defects
  • Lower preterm delivery rate than the general population

What’s My First Step?

First, take a deep breath. Though it’s a nerve-racking process, try to remain as calm as possible. You can do this. Remember that timing is key to reversing the effects of Mifepristone – so you will want to try to call us as soon as possible. If you can, begin reversal within 24 hours of taking Mifepristone – though it’s still possible to reverse your abortion if you’re over the recommended 24-hour mark!

Abortion Pill Rescue tells us that even treatment taken 72 hours after the first abortion pill has been successful for some women. Contact the Abortion Pill Rescue Network (877-558-0333) right away to begin the process.

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