If you are considering abortion, first you will need to verify that you are actually pregnant. You may have pregnancy symptoms, or you may have taken a home test, but it is still important to have your pregnancy confirmed before considering any type of abortion. First Choice Pregnancy Services offers free pregnancy testing. Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test and let one of our advocates give you the information you need about pregnancy and abortion options. If your test is positive, a free ultrasound can be scheduled.

We do not refer or provide abortions.

Considering Abortion?

Before going to an abortion clinic, make an appointment with a First Choice Pregnancy Services advocate. Our services are free and confidential. Your personal situation deserves personal attention, and our staff is trained to help you understand your options. An informed decision empowers you.

Abortion Procedures


It’s Your Decision

If anyone else knows you’re pregnant, they may be telling you what they think you should do. Many women report feeling rushed, uninformed, pressured, even threatened prior to their abortions. It’s YOUR decision. Don’t let anyone else decide for you. Legally no one can force a woman, even a minor, to have an abortion. Make an appointment with First Choice Pregnancy Services. Our staff will give you the support you need to make the best decision for yourself.

Before Abortion

Having an ultrasound is important if you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion. An ultrasound will tell you for sure how far along you are, which determines the types of abortion procedures available to you. An ultrasound can also tell you if you are experiencing pregnancy complications, such as an ectopic pregnancy (outside the womb), which can be life-threatening. Make an appointment at First Choice Pregnancy Services for a free pregnancy test. If your test result is positive, our medical professionals can provide you with a free ultrasound to tell you more about your pregnancy and your options.

Previous Abortions?

Increased health risks and possible fertility complications have been associated with having more than one abortion. At First Choice Pregnancy Services we can talk about any concerns you may have and give you accurate information. Let us help you make an informed decision. Make an Appointment